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Teppo - Back to Front

Merdeka Square - Kuala Lumpar

Jon diving Sipadan

Merdeka Sq - Kuala Lumpar

Teppo diving Sipadan

National Mosque - Kuala Lumpar

Diver with Cheesy Grin

Petronas Towers KL

Ang our unqualified Divemaster

Sausage Sinks in Kuala Lumpar

Kapalai Dive Resort

Sausage Poolside in KL

Floppy-eared diving dog

Street Market Kota Kinabalu

Teppo and Sirpa at Mabul

Jon in the rain - Sepilok

Trader's Cave - Niah

Orang Utan - Sepilok

Teppo-Sirpa-Sausage - Diving

Orang Utans - Sepilok Sabah 1

Sausage's Sunburn Sipadan

Orang Utans - Sepilok Sabah 2

Our Diving Boat - Sipadan

Orang Utans - Sepilok 3

Sausage's Diving Bruise

Orang Utans - Sepilok 4

Big Prawns = Big Crackers

Orang Utans - Sepilok 5

Our luxurious hostel - Niah

Orang Utans - Sepilok 6

On the way to the Caves - Niah

Orang Utans - Sepilok 7

Men carrying guano- Niah Caves

Orang Utans - Sepilok 8

Green Lizard - Niah Caves

Tree @ Wildlife Lodge Sepilok

Great Cave Entrance - Niah

Bizarre Fake Wood @ Sepilok

Great Cave -Niah National Park

Tributary to the jungle camp[1].

Great Cave -Niah National Park---1

Jungle Sanctuary Kinabatangan

Jon and some dragon fruit

Henry at Jungle Sanctuary

2 inch cockroach Niah Nat Park

Monsoon at Jungle Sanctuary

Soggy Sausage - Kuching

Can u spot the wild Orang Utan

Jesper and the Snake!

Sunrise - Sungei Kinabatangan

Mabul Village 1

Mabul Village 2

Mabul Village 3

Mabul Village 4

Sunset - Mabul Village 1

Sunset - Mabul Village 2

Diver's air @ oil rig - Mabul